Stop Link 101 Yard Signs

Where can Stop Link 101 Yard Signs be Purchased?

As of November (2023), you can purchase Stop Link 101 Yard Signs at various businesses throughout Southeastern, Indiana. Please see below for an updated list. 

Note – Please contact the business to ensure availability of Stop Link 101 signs.

Address: 7597 SR 262, Dillsboro, IN

Hours: Tuesday – Friday (2P – 6P), Saturday (10A – 4P)

Contact: Tom and Catherine Patton

Address: 211 Ferry Street, Vevay, IN

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (11A – 9P ET)

Contact: April Gridley (812-427-2616)

Address: 5905 E State Road 62, Friendship, IN

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday (11A – 10P), Friday – Saturday (11A – Midnight)

Contact: Whitney Hillstrand (812-667-2337)


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