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Participants of the Stop Link 101 Movement are opposed to the build out of the Link 101 Corridor Project. We propose only a “No Build” option. “No Build” effectively equates to a termination of the Link 101 Corridor Project in Southeastern, Indiana. The enormous quantity of comments, participation and general considerations in opposition to this project are evidence of the support of Southeastern Indiana residents who do not support this project. 


Southeastern Indiana is a place of exemplary beauty – both in its landscapes and more importantly, in the people who choose to call this region of the world, “home.” A drive through our quaint, and country-esque roadways are a reminder of the seclusion we appreciate from further development and urban sprawl. The landscape is accented by wooded habitats for wildlife, vast swaths of agricultural land, homesteads and natural waterways. Notice the small-businesses hidden throughout the counties of Southeastern, Indiana – these are possible due to the support of the local community and those who own and operate these businesses. 


The Link 101 Corridor Project suggests benefits for Southeastern, Indiana residents. We can appreciate the right to voice such comments and yet we argue as a community, that we do not support the Link 101 Corridor Project. It is evident that a great deal of Southeastern, Indiana residents and tax-payers, are in agreement – Stop Link 101.

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