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what is the link 101 corridor?

Learn about the Link 101 Corridor Project from official representatives and more.

Working together

Concerns with the Link 101 corridor

Why do we oppose Link 101? Check out the concerns and objections to this project.

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Latest Information

Here you can find updated information related to Stop Link 101 and the Link 101 Project

Does a Link 101 Route
Affect your property?

As of November (2023), there are multiple routes being considered by the Link 101 Project Team. Each of these routes will affect residents of Southeastern, Indiana. 
The map helps to show the amount of properties affected by the proposed routes. 

Helpful Tip: You can select the magnifying glass in the top right corner to enter an address.

Does a route affect you, a family member, friend, neighbor or another Southeastern, Indiana resident? You can help advocate against Link 101!

Do you want to get involved?

Stop Link 101 is a citizen led initiative to oppose the Link 101 Corridor Project – including any assessment to build a new connecting roadway from Markland Dam to U.S. 50. Many citizens of Southeastern Indiana are concerned with this Government sponsored project as it is a threat to the countryside of Southeastern Indiana.

If you want to get involved, including participating in various Stop Link 101 Committee groups, or if you have a suggestion, please contact the Stop Link 101 Team by clicking the button below. 

Questions, Suggestions and More.

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