We are those impacted by the link 101 project

residents of southeastern Indiana

This website and the many efforts of Stop Link1 101, to advocate against the Link 101 Corridor Project, are operated by residents of Southeastern, Indiana. This includes those who might be directly impacted by the Link 101 Route, neighbors, friends, family and concerned citizens. 

We reject the Link 101 Corridor project, including any alternative build options. We are not in favor of the project and wish to see the Southeastern Indiana farms, homesteads and habitats for wildlife spared from highway builds, increased freight and commuter traffic. 


Destruction of the countryside

The Link 101 Corridor Project will include a 44 wide roadway and shoulder. This highway will carve through the landscape, wildlife habitats, farms and homesteads of Southeastern, Indiana citizens.


Increased traffic

The Link 101 Corridor Project will bring significant traffic through Southeastern, Indiana that otherwise would be maintained on existing highways between Kentucky and Ohio. This includes freight and commuter traffic across a two lane highway with a shoulder on either side.


sprawl and displacement

The Link 101 Corridor Project will open the opportunity to create sprawl throughout the countryside of Indiana - this may include increased building, infrastructure and more that are characteristic of cityscapes. If the build occurs, homesteads and farms will be lost or affected, potentially displacing residents and destroying generations of family-owned land.

Important Things You Should Know


We believe the Link 101 Project will bring about destruction to the picturesque countryside of Southeastern, Indiana. This includes increased freight and commuter traffic, the destruction of agricultural land, displacement of affected residents, loss of wildlife habitats and more. The resolutions put forward by the Link 101 Project Team, including the supposed benefits to residents of Southeastern, Indiana, are rejected by many residents of Southeastern, Indiana including members of the Stop Link 101 community. 

You can be involved with Stop Link 101 in a variety of ways. Simply educating neighbors about the potential consequences of Link 101 throughout the Southeastern, Indiana counties, placing a Stop Link 101 yard sign on your property in a publicly visible location, attending Stop Link 101 meetings, joining a Stop Link 101 Committee and contacting your local government representatives to voice your opinion. For help getting involved, click here

As of November 2023, there are at least Nine Proposed Routes. It is expected that more clarification regarding the preferred routes, by the Link 101 Project Committee, will be announced in the Autumn of 2023. To see if your property might be directly affected by a Link 101 Route, click here.

Yes. Opposition to Link 101, including that which has been asserted by Stop Link 101 members, has been covered in various media stories. To see up to date media stories pertaining to Stop Link 101 and Link 101 opposition, click here

Stop Link 101 Yard Signs can be purchased from various local businesses throughout the affected counties in Southeastern, Indiana. For a list of where to purchase Stop Link 101 Yard Signs, click here.

Yes. As a function of civic society, it is appropriate to respectfully contact your government representatives, including those that represent you in local matters. 

Stop Link 101 is established as a grassroots organization of residents, friends, family and neighbors throughout Southeastern, Indiana. Stop Link 101 Members are actively working to educate local residents about the potential consequences of the Link 101 corridor, is working to generate media and government representative attention to the concerns of local residents and more.

Yes. As of November, 2023, there are over 2,400 Members included in the Stop Link Facebook Page. You are welcome to visit and join the Facebook Community for Stop Link 101 by clicking here